La Voz De Tres

Chilean vocalist Natalia Bernal, keyboardist Mike Eckroth and seven-string guitarist Jason Ennis blend the infectious rhythms and nuanced songwriting traditions of Latin America, original compositions and picks from the great American songbook into a surprising improvisational texture.

 A singer whose entrancing voice evokes the dramatic landscape of her homeland; a formidable pianist who knows the Jazz and Cuban music idioms intimately and grooves unwaveringly; a guitarist who slides fluidly between classical and blues-based phrasing on an instrument borrowed from the Choro traditions of Brazil. These three voices comprise the unique sound of New York City-based world jazz trio, La Voz de Tres.

 With the 2010 release their CD La Voz De Tres, the band began to appear at some of the top jazz venues in the country, including Blue Note, Zinc Bar and Smoke (NYC),  the Tempe Center for the Arts and the Nash (AZ) and the Kuumbwa Jazz Center (CA). The group has also appeared live on air on several major NPR affiliates. The CD received extensive national airplay, including being played on Jim Wilke’s  Jazz After Hours on PRI. The following year, La Voz De Tres was invited by the municipal government of Iquique, Chile to conduct a week of workshops and performances.

The music of the trio’s 2014 follow-up recording, entitled Sueños y Delirios, is thematically centered on the idea of dreams. Utilizing many rhythms of the Americas, the trio weaves material from all parts of Latin America (and the U.S.) into a new entity that speaks to dreams both waking and unconscious.  La Voz de Tres were joined by two special guests on this new release; Chilean percussionist Yayo Serka and saxophonist Michael Zsoldos.  Sueños y Delirios includes an original composition by Ennis as well as the music of Silvio Rodríguez, Milton Nascimento, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Guinga, Arsenio Rodríguez, Stevie Wonder, César Portillo De La Luz, and Pablo Ara Lucena.

Recently, the La Voz De Tres has worked collaboratively with composer and multi-wind player Paul McCandless, whose work with the original Paul Winter Consort and the group Oregon has long been an inspiration for the trio, as well as composer/improviser and multi-genre cellist Eugene Friesen.




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