ATLYS is a classically trained, crossover string quartet comprised of four unique women. Lauded for their passionate and dynamic performances, they create concert experiences that are both mesmerizing and interactive. Equipped with the power of stringed instruments, these four fearless women guide their audiences through a journey beyond the confines of the traditional classical paradigm. ATLYS develops original covers of some of the most cherished music of our era using modern production techniques such as amplification and looping software. At the same time,
they frequently return to their conservatory roots by performing lesser-known classical repertoire. Curating programs that are both diverse and intriguing, an ATLYS performance is more than an experience–it is a conversation between artist and audience. With nearly 1000 performances under their belt, they have inspired listeners across the globe. Crossing borders with incessant passion, ATLYS is always searching for new spaces, and distinctive methods, to captivate and inspire an ever-growing audience.


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