Bluegrass: Rebecca Colleen and the Chore Lads

Bluegrass: Rebecca Colleen and the Chore Lads

$25.00 per ticket


Great music, great food, great drinks, and beautiful scenery! Come helps us celebrate the end of our festival with Rebecca Colleen and the Chore Lads beneath the tent at Geneva On The Lake. Rebecca Colleen McDonald and her band are Finger Lakes favorites and the ambiance at  Geneva On The Lake is second to none.

Lunch is available from 12 to 12:45 p.m. at the South Lawn Tent Pavilion. A burger with salad, chips and soft drink costs just $10 per person for concert ticket holders. There also will be a cash bar.



About the Artists

Rebecca Colleen and the Chore Lads

Rebecca Colleen, a singer from the Finger Lakes region in New York, is a versatile and beguiling Americana artist of almost limitless potential. She covers a range of genres including Bluegrass, Country, and Americana. With her powerful and flexible voice Rebecca displays a stunning command of how to make a song her own; an uncommon patience for letting the lyrics unfold; an extraordinary ease that translates as old-soulfulness; and above all, the sheer joy of sharing the songs she loves.… Read more