ATLYS is a classically-trained, crossover string quartet hailed for being passionate and interactive in their performances, creating a concert atmosphere that is absolutely mesmerizing. ATLYS charmed audiences around the world representing New York City’s Lincoln Center and recently signed with the Brave Enough Artist Agency in Nashville. Originating out of the vibrant music scene in Chicago in 2016, the four women, two of whom are twin sisters, now have over 700 performances together.


Their repertoire reflects the modern world, highlighting loved folk, traditional, and popular music from all cultures and the ways they have all fused. Many of their arrangements were written by the members of the quartet. In the spring of 2019, they released their first album featuring works that were written exclusively by or for ATLYS. They also create and release a music video each month that features their music on their YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/atlysmusic.


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