ATLYS is a four-woman, classically trained, unique crossover string quartet.

ATLYS is a classically trained, crossover string quartet comprised of four women. Hailed for being incredibly passionate and interactive, they create a concert atmosphere that is nothing short of mesmerizing. Together, the four are creating an ATLYS of music, filled with melodies and tunes from all kinds of cultures and genres. Using the string quartet as their blank canvas, they veer outside of the classical music box and the traditional acoustic soundscape to develop imaginative covers of beloved music. They electrifying their instruments and using looping and effects pedals, creating a program that is beautifully diverse and intriguing to all.


From representing New York City’s Lincoln Center, to performing on world class stages like Red Rocks and The Gorge Amphitheater, to participating in international conventions like the Human Rights Foundation’s Oslo Freedom Forum, ATLYS has charmed audiences in over 1000 concerts around the world. Sponsorships include Shar Music’s Young Strings of America, Schertler Audio Pickups, and NS Design instruments. 



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