Daisy & Daniel: Double D

Daniel and Daisy are Houston-based performers specializing in the fusion of bachata and contemporary dance. Having danced together for many years as members of Amaya Dance, they founded Double D in the 2014. Immediately they became a state-wide sensation and recently completed their first Texas Tour, performing and teaching in all the major metropolitan areas in Texas. Quickly gaining prominence throughout the country they performed and presented a workshop at the Denver Salsa Congress in the fall of 2015. Additionally, they are qualifiers in World Latin Dance Cup held in Miami, Florida and will compete in the international bachata division. Aside from Double D, both Daniel and Daisy are members of the Amaya Dance Semi-Pro Dance Company. Through the melding of Daisy’s professional background in contemporary dance and Daniel’s knowledge and experience of street dancing, they have created a unique and expressive style of bachata that they are passionate about sharing with the world.
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