Dear Festival Friends,

Planning for our festival’s 2022 season is well underway with dates set for May 20th through June 12th, 2022. As we continue to secure performance space in an ever-changing COVID restrictions world, our festival will celebrate New Beginnings. This coming year’s concerts will mark a new decade for our festival, with updated material and a mix of engaging performances both familiar and newfangled. It will also signal a turn in our relationship to a pandemic that has altered much of what we and our patrons have taken for granted, live music being one of them.

We plan to produce a live concert season presented in a safe and regulation-abiding yet entertaining and celebratory atmosphere. Our artists, scattered as they are in states with varying degrees of COVID mandates, are already planning for a 2022 season that builds on our organization’s commitment to a quality musical performance. 

Let new beginnings be a theme you carry with you in your approach to a more hopeful, safer, and less anxiety ridden 2022. We wish you and your families a safe holiday season and happy New Year. 

Spend the Holiday Season with music from the last season.
Click on the video above to watch the exclusie livestream concert with JP Jofre!

2021 is quickly coming to a close. Have you considered making a tax-deductible donation to GMF?

Geneva Music Festival is accepting tax deductible donations at this time. Ring in the holiday with the gift that ensures musical longevity. For details, please visit our website with the link below:

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