Help Support the Businesses that Have Always Supported GMF

ticket sales at ATLYS concert
Photo credit: Jan Regan

These are unprecedented times and we look forward to better days when we can again share our passion for world-class music with you in person. In the meantime, our thoughts are with the many wonderful businesses that regularly support us and make our seasons possible. Whether they provide food, lodging, funding or other in-kind services, they have been critical to our success for the past nine years. In these difficult times, you—the community—are critical to theirs.

Below you will find a list of many of our supporters. If you are able to patronize one of these businesses, even by buying a gift card for later use, it will go a long way to helping our friends through these tough times.

Our sincere thanks to all our supporters, whether individuals or businesses. We wish you all continued health and hope you’re finding comfort in music in whatever way you can.

Local partners in need of support:

Note:  We collected the names from our various lists of corporate donors, silent auction donors and past advertisers in the Concert program.  We apologize to any supporters who may have been omitted.  We recommend contacting the individual businesses for the most up-to-date details.

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